Serene Journey

Starting the journey to gaining insight into your life and/or healing through counseling is a very important step in your process. Together, through the work done in therapy, we are able to unmask negativity, the lies hidden in your past determined to frame your future. As you begin to examine your life, counseling will help you uproot feelings of anxiety, attachment issues, depression, disconnection, isolation, rejection, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, self-worth, suicidal ideation and trauma among any other untruths. 

My ultimate goal is to instill courage, hope, peace and motivation for positive change in the lives of my clients. Much of my work is founded in the principles of my Christian beliefs. Those values are present, along with many research-based therapies to allow guidance for clients in the direction of discovering the best version of themselves. 

The driving force behind what I do, is the passion to help my clients gain strength and courage to rebuild their lives. My therapeutic purpose is to help you develop positive coping skills & tools to foster healthy relationships, identify boundaries, and bring restoration to individuals, marriages and families. Additional services available through Alabama Psychological Services Center upon assessment, referral or request.